Accuracy importing excel into mysql


Excel2MySQL is accurate.
No other utility is as accurate converting Excel data to Mysql.
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Speed converting mysql for excel


Excel2MySQL is fast.
Few tools are as fast at importing Excel data into MySQL
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Intuitive Interface and best way to import excel into mysql

Intuitive Interface

Excel2MySQL has an intuitive and easy to use interface.
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Command Line Automation mysql for excel

Batch Automation

Automate / Schedule imports with CLI - Command Line Interface. Learn more

What users say

A bloody brilliant piece of software, quick and simple.

-Conner, Excel2MySQL user


What a great program! I’m not sure what magic you have conjured but this is the only program I’ve found that will import my gigantic spreadsheet without throwing out errors. Both Oracle’s official Excel extension and importing as CSV would both continually fail on me and it seemed my only option was to break it into a few hundred CSVs to upload manually.
Thanks a lot!

-Zach Klemp, Excel2MySQL user