Command Line Interface Examples

If you need to automate or schedule Excel to MySQL conversions, you can take advantage of the special batch/shell version of Excel2MySQL which is called excel2mysqlCLI.

Simply setup a bat file which calls excel2mysqlCLI.exe for each file to be loaded.
Of course, you'll need to substitute your own values for myhost, mydb, myuser, mypass.. etc.

Example 1: Import an Excel file to a remote MySQL server.

excel2mysqlCLI.exe -f "data1.xls" -z myhost -d mydb -u myid -p mypass --append

Example 2: Import 3 Excel files with the following commands in a bat file:

excel2mysqlCLI.exe -f "data1.xls" -d mydb -u myuserid -p mypass --append
excel2mysqlCLI.exe -f "data2.xls" -d mydb -u myuserid -p mypass --append
excel2mysqlCLI.exe -f "data3.xls" -d mydb -u myuserid -p mypass --append

Example 3: If you have hundreds of files, you could use a loop in your bat file like this:

for %%f in (*.xls) do excel2mysqlCLI.exe -f "%%f" -d mydb
-u myuserid -p mypass --append

* Please refer to the Command-Line Options below for all available options.

You can then simply run your bat file as needed OR use "windows task scheduler" to schedule the bat file for running daily/hourly... etc.

You can also call the command-line version of Excel2MySQL with your favorite programming language, such as Python, Perl, C++, etc... However , a bat file is the simplest option for most users.

I would be happy to help you get your bat file configured.
Let me know if you need my help.

Command-Line Options

-f file
Excel file to convert (include full path) (REQUIRED)
-s sheet
Excel sheet to convert (omit to convert all)
-z host
mysql server hostname or IP address (defaults = localhost)
-d database
mysql database name (REQUIRED)
-u user
mysql user name (REQUIRED)
-p password
mysql password
-x port
mysql port number (omit will default to 3306)
--sslca=pem file SSL CA file, including path (supply these values to enable SSL)
--sslcert=pem file SSL Cert file, including path
--sslkey=pem file SSL Key file, including path

Note: Parameter values that contain spaces should be enclosed in quotes (for example: -d "my database")

display help message and exit
--append append records to existing records in table
--empty empty table records before uploading Excel data
--drop drop table before uploading Excel data
first row is not a header (omit to indicate first row contains header)
allow spaces in table & field names (omit to change spaces to underscores)
use myisam database storage engine (omit to use innodb)
keep blank rows & columns (omit to remove)
Unmerge merged cells
Prefix table name with Excel file name
Set empty VARCHAR as NULL (omit to set as blank)
Temporarily disable foreign key checks
Optimize field types
Omit to leave existing fields unchanged & new fields become VARCHAR