Powerful Simplicity

Excel2MySQL is just what your looking for when it comes to importing Excel data into MySQL...
Accuracy, Speed, Simplicity and Flexiblity. Excel2MySQL was created to do one thing and it does it really well. It's better to excel at one thing than to be average at many.

User interface

Excel2MySQL has an intuitive and easy to use user interface. Most products in this category have chosen a tedious wizard interface with many confusing choices. Excel2MySQL fully automates the conversion process while still providing complete control over important decisions.


Accuracy is more important than speed when it comes to your valuable data, but with Excel2MySQL you get speed and accuracy. Excel2MySQL does the best job of importing your data accurately while correctly optimizing field types and sizes.

This small Excel file is difficult for most importers to handle. Download it and try with another importer. Few converters will import it correctly and none will optimize the fields correctly.


Excel2MySQL is not only the most accurate tool in its class, it's also very fast.

We imported the same Excel spreadsheet containing 18884 records and 31 columns into MySQL using many competitors and here are few (measured in seconds).

Download and try this spreadsheet with your own machine and software for comparison.

Platform: 2013 Mac Pro with Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 @3.70GHz + 16.0GB Ram Running Window 8

Measured in seconds
Shorter is better


Excel2MySQL is very robust and boasts a wide variety of features.

  1. Supports scriptable Command Line parameters which enables automation
  2. International characters (e.g. English, Japanese, Arabic, Russian... etc)
  3. All versions of Microsoft Excel
  4. Compatible with all versions of Unix and Windows MySQL servers
  5. Supports secure encrypted SSL connection with MySQL server
  6. Local or Remote MySQL server updating
  7. Converts all Excel worksheets
  8. Append or Replace existing MySQL data
  9. Automatically detect and add new fields during append to existing table
  10. Ability to unmerge merged cells
  11. Stand-alone application, means nothing to install
  12. Automatic Field Type Optimization
  13. Automatic Field sizing
  14. Does NOT require Microsoft Office or Excel installation
  15. Supports MySQL Innodb or MyISAM